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An artist-run publisher specialising in publications where textual, visual work and research is of equal importance for interdisciplinary art projects.

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The 284 Publishers series Co/Co-, Coevolution Concept contains three books.


The aim of the series is to broaden our perspectives about living on Earth and discuss it as a continual practice of co-habiting and co-involving as part of a multi-species network.


The Anthropocene Laboratory

Softcover 2023


The Anthropocene Laboratory is composed by the work of several collaborating artists and researchers under the direction of editors Fröydi Laszlo and Anna Risell, regarding the textual, visual work and research with equal importance.

We encourage artists to engage in interdisciplinary exchanges but on their own terms, as we see art as an important way (with a myriad of methods) to engage with and learn more about our world and human adaptation to it. We even think that artistic sensitivity, free experimentalism and passion for creating new visions are vital at a time of unpredictability and rapid changes.

This book is a kaleidoscopic vision of a strange time, where our only choice is generously sharing knowledge to inspire a positive change for our threatened Earth.

The more than 20 different participants in this book come from both the scenic and the visual arts and academics from the humanities and the natural sciences. The language of the book is Nordic languages and English, most of it is translated to fit both English and Nordic readers.

272 pages with excellent quality print in full colour.

Editors: Fröydi Laszlo and Anna Risell

Design: Fält

ISBN 978-9198165005

Supported by:
Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse

Kulturrådet, Swedish art council
Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden

Read preface and introduction.

Matter in Motion and the Mysticism of Nature´s Colour

Softcover 2017


By Jeanette Schäring

With essays by Pooja Kaul, Heather Sullivan, Ingmar Meland, Ida Bencke, Jonas Bergquist, Frida Arnquist Engström and Fröydi Laszlo.


ISBN 978-9197982283


For more information see the artists homepage http://www.instagram.com/jeanettescharing

You Must Carry Me Now: The Cultural Lives of Endangered Species

Hardcover 2015


By Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir (Author), Mark Wilson (Author), Ron Broglio (Editor)

and essays by Gordon Knox, Heather S. Linberry, Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir, Cary Wolfe, Fröydi Laszlo and Amanda Boetzkes.


ISBN 978-9197982269


For more information see the artists homepage https://snaebjornsdottirwilson.com/

Other books in English

Antennae 10: A Decade of Art and the Non-Human 07-17

Hardcover – November 1, 2017

By  Giovanni Eloi


ISBN 978-9198385601


With 34 essays and interviews, featuring key contemporary artists and scholars

329 pages

202 illustrations




Books in English/Scandinavian languages combined

"Handplockat - på utflykter i bildarkivet"

softcover 2013


Author :Christine Sjöberg, Fröydi Laszlo, Hendrik Zeitler, Lars Dyrendom

Essays by: Lars Dyrendom • Frida Klingberg • Fröydi Laszlo • Tyrone Martinsson • Peo Olsson • Christine Sjöberg • Anna Samuelsson • Bryndis Snæbjörnsdottir • Liv Emma Thorsen • Hendrik Zeitler


ISBN 978-9197982221


Nominated to the Swedish Photobook Award in 2013:



 "Handplockat - på utflykter i bildarkivet"

är en bok om fotografi och dess samtida roll, men också en bok fylld av visuella berättelser. Engagerat väcker den tankar och diskussion kring flera av vår tids samhällsfrågor. I boken har ett antal konstnärer och forskare undersökt bilder av människor, djur och natur i modernt fotografi och i visuella arkiv. Publikationen fokuserar på fotografiska arkiv och museisamlingar, och de historier och idéer dessa skapar och är medskapare i.

Artist´s own

is a line of publication that aims to help individual artists and art projects to publish art and text in high quality photo print. These books are in Swedish and Scandinavian languages.

Elefanten & jag - en flugas betraktelser i psykosvården

Softcover 2015


Artist book av Marie Bondeson ( text &layout)

IBSN 978-91-979822-9-0


Kärlek och Navelludd

Softcover 2011



Marie Bondeson, Gunilla Gränsbo, Jenny Grönvall,Christina og Miriam Hagström, Peter Hefner, Leif Holmstrand, Ilona Huss Walin, Marie Janson, Mette Johansen, Krzysztof Kopij, Fröydi Laszlo, Lena Mattsson og Anna Wessman, Bo Melin, Monica Melin, Gunn Nordheim Morstöl, Amanda Perdawidi, Karzan Perdawidi, Gustavo Perillo, Nina Sinkkonen, Diana Storåsen, Michael Winnerholt, Lars Åsling, Noomi Österling


ISBN 9789197982207


Soft and hard cover. 2012


Fotografi och poesi, Nina Sinkkonen


Paperback ISBN 978-9197982214

Hardcover  ISBN 978-9197982245